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Renewable Energy Alternatives

Renewable energy is an energy source that can continually be replenished. These include but are not limited to energy from water and the sun. If you have been looking for a cost-efficient energy alternative, a solar or a micro-hydro energy system may be for you. Gietzen Electric has the capability of helping you harness and produce energy from these sources

 •  Tax incentive rebates

 •  Save money now on your Electric bill

 •  Increase for your properties value

 •  Decrease your carbon footprint

 •  Return on investment

 • Decentralization of power

 • Low maintenance

Benefits of Renewable Energy:

Do you have free flowing water on your property?

Hydropower systems use the energy in natural flowing water to produce electricity. Micro-hydro power can be one of the most simple and consistent forms or renewable energy on your property. Call us for your free site evaluation.

Micro-Hydro Power

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Reach out to us to learn more about solar and micro-hydro systems and get a FREE estimate.

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Solar Power

Idaho has approximately 200 days with sun per year.  This makes us a great candidate for Solar Power. Whether it’s commercial, residential, or industrial, Gietzen Electric has an alternative energy solution for you.